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Twister Ice Lollies

Challenge: Twister, the iconic spiral shaped ice lolly, wants to be the go to sweet treat for teenagers ages 16-18.

Insight: Like Twister, teens are known for their iconic spirals. Unlike Twister, their spirals get them labelled as dramatic. 

Idea: Twister empowers teens to embrace their overactive brains by becoming the spiral that's by their side as they spiral. 

Embrace the Spiral

Copy: Tessa Warburton
Art: Nicole Dacunha 


OOH | Embrace The Spiral
sydney sweetney poster.heic
dads pissed version 1.heic
Banner Ads | Embrace Online Spirals
Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 7.05.51 PM copy.png
TikTok | Reward Spirals
Send Twister coupons to Tik-Tokers who use their overthinking powers for good.
twister rewards spiraling_.png
Scream booth in lower east side jpg.heic
Let them spiral.

A booth placed in downtown Toronto with a scream activated Twister
dispenser. So teens can heat up then cool down.

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